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Social Networking for Beginners

Online Social Networking 101

Beginner's Guide to Facebook

The content is intended for non-profit groups, but it's a good overview for anyone!

Classroom 2.0

Articles about teaching using the Web and a forum for social media topics.

Classroom 2.0 Beginner Group

Beginner Page for the above site.

Digizen - Digital Citizen

Good overview of social networking, if a bit dated!

Educause Web 2.0 (Interactive Web)

Reports on topics related to using the Internet in it's more recent, interactive form, or Web 2.0

Frontline: Digital Nation: Distracted by Everything

Media Shift - Social Media

PBS guide to social media.

Online Social Networking On Campus

Inside Higher Education's look from the faculty/staff point of view.

Short video about facebook in the words of college students

Social Networking in Plain English

From the people at CommonCraft.

How Stuff Works: "How Online Social Networking Works"

Well-known site explaining complicated topics in a readable manner.