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ARTstor is an online resource with over one million images for use in coursework. This guide will help you with searching and saving its images or with its other many tools.

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About ARTstor

ARTstor is a database that contains more than one million images of art, architecture, and photography which span various cultures and time periods.

ARTstor YouTube Channel

ARTstor's YouTube Channel provides instructional and various informative videos.  These videos present such topics as, how to:

  • register for an account
  • make image groups
  • download images to presentations
  • manage your profile
  • perform a faceted search

How do I access ARTstor?

From the Library homepage, click on the "Article Databases" tab located above the centre search box.

Click on "Alphabetical List of Databases" link and then the letter "A".

Scroll down through the list and click on "ARTstor".

Create An Account

Unregistered users can search, save, and print images, and can view the contents of public Shared Folders.

Registering for an account with ARTstor enables you to save image groups, add personal notes, and download the Offline Image Viewer.

The option to register is located in the "Log in to ARTstor" box in the upper right hand corner.

Click on "Not Registered?" to create your account.

An account with ARTstor also allows you easier access from your home computer.

However, your first log-in must be from a campus computer.

You have 120 days from each campus log-in to directly access ARTstor at and via the links provided on this site.

If you are logging in for the first time from a non-campus computer, you must access ARTstor through the Library database page (please see "Where is ARTstor" above).

ARTstor Tutorials (Online videos and handouts)

ARTstor General Guide: How to find, view, use, organize, present, and download images; also how to include your own personal collection of images.
ARTstor 3-minute Tutorials on YouTube:  More than one million images: Interdisciplinary collections in the arts, architecture, humanities, and social sciences

    1. "Registering" for an ARTstor account
    3. "Faceted Search"
    3. "How to Unlock a Password Protected Folder"More than one million images: Interdisciplinary collections in the arts, architecture, humanities, and social sciences
    4. "Folder and Image Groups"
    5. "Export to PowerPoint"

ARTstor Handouts & Subject Guides

Handouts for students, faculty, interdisciplinary topics, and outlines of training sessions. Instructions on how to upload personal collections and how to teach with ARTstor.

Quick tour of ARTstor

ARTstor is an interdisciplinary collection of over one million digital images from a wide range of cultures and time periods. It includes tools to manipulate the images for study and teaching. Be sure to view this Quick Tour tutorial video help you understand all the features of ARTstor.